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Friday, August 16, 2013

Necessity is the mother of invention

Mike, amazing husband and father!

My husband, Mike, is an extremely practical person.  He is a thinker who likes to tinker.  As a kid he would take things apart to see "how they worked."  Thankfully, he hasn't changed.  He can fix almost anything.  He has a real gift for trouble shooting that makes him very successful at his chosen profession.  It also comes in really handy when the washing machine is broken, or the dishwasher door won't close all the way, or even when our son's stomach is 5 times its normal size.

It had been a particularly long day of crying.  We rocked.  We walked, but nothing seemed to help Christopher feel better.  I was so tired.  I know he must have been exhausted, yet nothing worked.  He must have learned not to eat again because he had refused every bottle we offered him that day.  His stomach was huge.  It looked like he was pregnant!

"Mr. fix it"
My husband walked into this scene and his practical, "Mr. fix it" mind started turning.  When the nurse came in, he said... "hey, can't we stick a tube down there and let out whatever is making his stomach stick out like that?"   She, of course, wanted to consult the doctor, but he told her it was going to happen.  The only question was, would she do it, or would he have to do it?  I think she could tell he meant business because she immediately stuck a piece of tubing down Christopher's nose and into his stomach.  What happened next was nothing short of a blessing.  Formula, saliva, gas, and bile shot out of the tube.  Christopher's stomach deflated liked a popped balloon before our eyes.  The look of relief on his face was priceless.

It is amazing what a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective can accomplish.  For days the doctors had been chasing their tails trying to diagnose and relieve Christopher's symptoms without success.  Then in walks my brilliant husband, and he saves the day with one bold statement:  tube him and get that stuff out of his stomach!  It worked, but the question hung in the air like a heavy fog.  Why did all that stuff collect in his stomach in the first place?

This question would become the center of all further investigation and diagnosis.  It would become the basis for a medical protocol to help him grow, develop, and live.  I guess it's true.  People will imagine incredible inventions to fill a need.  I'm glad my "handy man" had just the thing to "fix what needed fixin."
My "handy man"

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