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Friday, August 16, 2013

A "dirty little secret"

All professional, doctor/patient pretense had officially been thrown out the window.  I had embarrassed her in front of her colleagues, so let's just say that she was "less than happy" with me.  If she thought I felt bad about it, then she was wrong.  I didn't care a bit that her ego had been damaged.  I just wanted someone to help my son, and I felt like she was standing in the way of my son getting the help he needed. 

She did the examination.  Then she said that she still thought that we should go ahead with her original medication plan.  She must have been crazy if she thought I was going to trust her on this one.  At this point, I wouldn't have trusted her if she had told me the world was round.  I had lost all respect and trust in her, so I demanded that she call the attending physician.  I wanted to talk to him directly about the situation, NOW!  She was extremely reluctant to call him.  I reminded her that she had been relaying messages about Christopher to him all day long.  Why was there a problem calling him now?  She said that he had already gone home for the day, and that he was not on call.  I told her that this was his patient and ultimately his responsibility.  She would call him now, or I would have my attorney call.  She picked up the phone, dialed his number, and he came on the line.

After she identified herself, I didn't waste any time.  I grabbed the phone from her, told the doctor that Christopher was going to die if something wasn't done soon, and insisted that he return to the hospital immediately.  There was just stunned silence on the other end of the phone.  After a very long, awkward pause he said that he didn't even know Christopher had been experiencing any problems at all.  This was the first time he had heard about it.  I told him that the nurses and I had been calling all day.  Every intern that we talked with had told us that they had been conferring with the attending physician.  His angry tone of voice said it all.  He said he was coming back to the hospital, and he wanted to talk to the doctor who was standing there with me.  I handed her the phone and told her that he was surprised to hear about Christopher's status.  Apparently, you neglected to tell him???  The look on her face said it all too.  The "dirty little secret" was out. 

We went from just Christopher, and I, and an occasional nurse or two in the isolation room to "standing room only."  There was a sea of white lab coats and nurses.  Things were moving now!  Medications were being given and tests were being ordered.  We were whisked off to x-ray to see if they could capture a picture of what was going on inside Christopher.

I know a secret.  Christopher is so cute!
Once back in his isolation room, I called my husband (remember he was out of town) to update him.  He was distraught with worry, but he was far from home.  He told me he would make emergency plans with the airline and get home as soon as he could.  Then I called my sister and my mom. I asked if they could come up to the hospital.  Things were "scary bad!"  I needed some support.  It seemed like I barely put the receiver of the phone down, and they were both standing there with me.  I felt instantly stronger.  It was a "safety in numbers" type of feeling.  I knew they would be there to help me advocate for Christopher, and he was going to need all the help he could get!

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can pray like this:

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