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Friday, August 16, 2013

We had a very "active" day!

Ryan, Michael, and Christopher
When my grandmother would spend the day at my house helping me take care of the boys, she would always describe it this way.."we had a very active day."  Obviously, she was just being polite!  It was active all right because anytime you get a bunch of boys together it's going to get crazy, busy.  By a bunch I mean more than one.  Even two boys makes a bunch.  When you add in the fact that they were toddlers, well...don't get me started.  There's a reason I have been describing them as a 3 ring circus!

Because I had been away from Michael and Ryan so much in the last few months, I felt like I needed to make it up to them.  I wanted to give them quality time, so we got busy doing all the things that toddlers love to do.  We colored pictures, played games, put puzzles together, and made cookies.  We, of course, ate a lot of cookie dough.  I know they teach kids these days NOT to eat cookie dough, but are ya kiddin' me???  Cookie dough is awesome, and my generation grew up eating it.  We all survived!

Michael or "Michael Man"
Even though he was old enough, Christopher was unable to sit up or crawl.  He spent most of his day in his bouncy chair hooked up to his feeding tube.  The toddler chaos seemed to distract him and amuse him.  He would watch Michael and Ryan running circles around me. Every once in awhile he would let out a giant giggle, and he would squeal with delight.  It seemed like he wanted to get up and join in, but his little body just wouldn't cooperate with him.  It was good to see him happy and actually able to laugh.  There were no dark clouds around, just sunshine.

After a long active day of toddler mayhem, it was bedtime.  With the kids all tucked into their beds, my husband and I would fall into bed ourselves.  We were both exhausted, and we knew that we had a long night ahead of us.  We learned right away that it was very important to get some sleep when we could because it wouldn't be long before Christopher or his feeding tube would demand attention. 

Ryan or "Ry Ry"
Christopher slept in our room.  It was just easier that way.  In time we both developed the ability to just reach over and push the appropriate buttons on his feeding tube if it alarmed during the middle of the night.  I even got to the point where I didn't even have to wake up all the way to handle feeding tube issues.  The one thing that did require our full attention was when Christopher would need to have his stomach drained using the NG tube.  He would usually wake up crying two or three times a night because he needed relief.  Needless to say, we didn't get a whole lot of uninterrupted sleep.  That was a luxury that we would not enjoy for the next 10 years or so!

Because sleep was limited I always felt like I was dragging and having a difficult time keeping up with the kids, the house, the cooking, and the laundry.  I also had to take Christopher to several doctors appointments each week.  I would load up the troops sometimes 3 or even 5 days a week to go to an appointment  with the pediatrician, GI specialist, surgeon, infectious disease specialist, or the nephrologist. 

Christopher or "Critter"
It was constant motion.  The best way I can think to describe it is that it was like "herding cats!"  In other words, it was next to impossible.  I felt like I was always moving, going in circles, but not getting anything done.  Did I mention that I tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist?  I think God knew that I needed some help in this area of my character.  Out of necessity I learned that I had to let a few things go.  I had to prioritize things, and accept the fact that I couldn't "do it all...perfectly." 

As crazy as things were at home, it was great being home!  When things would get really wild, I would just look at the boys to remind myself of what was important.  They wouldn't remember that the house was a mess or the laundry was piling up in the utility room, but they would remember the puzzles and the cookie dough.  Sometimes it takes a toddler to remind you that it's the little things in life that are the best.  Toddlers don't need perfection.  They just need you!  Besides, my grandmother constantly reminded me of this when she would crook her finger, point it at me, and tell me in encouraging words..."you enjoy those babies while you can, because they are gonna grow up fast."  I would tease her back by telling her what she always told her mom when her mom would use that line on her..."I know gramma, but for right now they are in bed, and it's quiet." 

SPECIAL NOTE (in pink because it was my gramma's favorite color):  Anyone who thinks they have a wonderful grandmother, definitely just hasn't met mine yet.  My gramma was a very sweet woman, and I miss her terribly.  She recently died at the grand old age of 90 years old.  Christopher's disorder always weighed heavy on her heart.  I don't know for sure, but I suspect that when she went home to Jesus she must have whispered in His ear about her great-grandson.  She died September 12, 2011.  Christopher was instantly and miraculously healed less than 2 months later on November 6, 2011. 

LeAnne and her gramma. The boys called her GG instead of great grandma.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can pray like this:

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  1. My boys also call their great grandparents (on my husban's side) GG's. GG and GG are coming for a visit. I love it because I grew up with out grandparents. So the fact that my kids have gotten to spend time with their GG's is amazing to me.

    Great post. I can't wait for tomorrow's. Take care LeAnne.