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Friday, August 16, 2013

Interview with Christopher- Part 2

My interview with Christopher continues...

Interview with Christopher- Part 2


LeAnne:  After I heard Bruce VanNatta speak, I shared details of his miracle healing with you.  What did you think about the miracle God had done for Mr. VanNatta?  What did you think of the fact that we were going to pray for you?  Did you believe that God could do a miracle in you?  Did you think that He would do a miracle in you?

Christopher:  I thought that his miracle was amazing, and I wanted to know more about it.  I believed that God did a miracle in Mr. VanNatta, and that He could do a miracle in me.  I believed God could do a miracle in me if  He chose too.  I just wasn't sure if it would happen for me or not.  I was excited about going for prayer, but I was nervous too.  I didn't want to get my hopes up because I just wasn't sure what was going to happen.


LeAnne:  What were you thinking and feeling during the church service, before we actually gathered around you and prayed? 


Christopher:  When I walked into the Church, I was thinking that there was a possibility that I could be healed, but I didn't want to get my hopes up just in case it didn't happen.  When the service started there was lots of singing, and it wasn't what I'm used to.  It was different from the church I go to.  I really liked it when Mr.VanNatta started talking.  I was very interested in what he was saying.  It was very inspiring, and it gave me the chills.  I knew it was from God.  Anything about God gives me the chills.  It's a good feeling. 

I liked the part when Mr. VanNatta talked about the man who came to pray for him to be healed.  He told us how the man put his hand on Mr. VanNatta's head and prayed for him.  Mr. VanNatta's intestines actually grew (that isn't supposed to happen, intestines don't grow!), and that was pretty amazing!  Mr. VanNatta told us how his friend fell backwards when they were praying because of how intense it was.

When Bruce prayed for all of us during the church service, I started to get a feeling that I had never had before.  It was like a pulsing, like my stomach was flexing in different spots all on it's own.  I have never had that feeling in my life.  It didn't hurt, but it was new to me.


LeAnne:  After the church service, our family met with Bruce.  Then we gathered around you and started praying.  Tell us, what did the miracle feel like?  What were you thinking?  Were you praying too?


Christopher:  When we walked up to meet him, I still had the pulsing feeling.  Mr. VanNatta seemed like a nice guy.  We talked a little bit, and it seemed like we had some things in common.  We had been through some similiar circumstances. 

Mr. VanNatta started praying.  I could still feel the pulsing, but it was stronger than it had been during the church service.  I was listening to him pray.  I felt like we were all in a bubble.  I didn't hear, see, or notice anyone else in the room (even though there were still a lot of people in the room).  It was like we were just there in the bubble.

 Mr. VanNatta was still praying when all of a sudden I got this really big shock that went through my body, like an electic shock.  It went diagnonally from my shoulder, across my tube, and down through my body.  It hurt, and that's when I said to Mr. VanNatta that something was wrong and that something was happening to my tube.  He asked me if I wanted to sit down, but I was okay by then.  I told him no.  I could still feel the pulsing, but it was much stronger now.  Mr. VanNatta started praying then.  I felt the pulsing getting stonger.  I have never felt anything like that before.  I got the chills when he was praying for me.

After it was all over, I still had the pulsing feeling in my body.  It kept going until we got outside in the parking lot, and then it was gone.


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