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Friday, August 16, 2013

Best laid plans

I was driving through my neighborhood not thinking too much about anything except my "to do" list.  I drove by the mailbox, by some kids playing in their yard, and by one neighbor's house after another. I was still thinking about my agenda for the day.  It really wasn't anything earth shattering or life changing, just an average day filled with very average chores.  It's amazing how much time, energy, and brain power we devote to the ordinary and mundane tasks of life.

I thought to myself that I should stop by the accountant's office first, then drop off the dry cleaning, pick up some groceries, and then stop by the post office on my way back home.  It sounded like a reasonable plan.  It seemed like the best route and the best use of my time.

Thoughts of Christopher's "holes" also stole through my mind.  The feeding tubes were out, but those stubborn holes just wouldn't close.  They were leaking pretty much all the time, especially when he ate.  It seemed like napkins and paper towels had become his new best friends.  Why wouldn't they just close up?  It seemed like such a small detail after the huge miracle God had done in him.  I prayed about it constantly, but everyday it was just one leaky, dripping mess. The skin around the holes was irritated, and I was beginning to feel pretty irritated too.  I just wanted this to be over, COMPLETELY OVER! 

Then as I drove around a corner that I had driven around countless times before, I suddenly came face to face with a vision that I couldn't help but look at.  It literally took my breath away.  It was spring on display, a majestic tree in full pink regalia.  It was as if creation was pointing directly at the Creator in order to remind me to keep my priorities straight. 

God makes all the BEST stuff!!!
I pulled over to the curb, and I felt a little embarrassed.  I think my cheeks actually turned a little bit red.  I was alone in the car, but the intense color and grandeur of the tree reminded me that I wasn't really alone.  God was with me.  When I saw the tree, it was like God was waving at me and saying, "I'm here and don't forget that I have an agenda too." 

It's funny how something as simple and as ordinary as a spring tree can bring us face to face with true reality.  God expects us to take care of the daily things of life.  It's true that groceries need to be bought and the laundry does need to get done, but God has so much more for us to do.  He has His own plans, His own purposes.  Was I putting God first?  Was He at the top of my list?  Were His plans even on my list at all?  My own forgetful  and easily distracted humanity frustrated me.  What were His plans for Christopher's holes?  Would they close on their own?  Would he need surgery?  I thought I must surely be suffering with some kind of spiritual ADD!

God had done a HUGE HEALING MIRACLE in my son.  Was I honoring that?  I had let the ordinary things of life steal away my focus on what was truly important.  Had I really let dinner plans and clean clothes come between me and God's plans for me?  Was I doubting God's grace and His plans for Christopher, for me, for our family?

Jeremiah 29:11
Then God reminded me that being human often means that even though we may have the best of intentions and some really big plans, we are limited by our own humanity.  God, being fully God, has no limits.  We are limited by time and space, but He is not.  His timing, plans, and purposes are His own.  They are perfect.  He was reminding me to trust in that truth, to trust in Him.  He was reminding me to trust Him with my son.  Pray just pray.  Surrender just surrender.  He had already blessed us with a healing miracle. Our extraordinary God had smiled on an ordinary young man and healed him.  He wanted me trust in that... trust that He would take care of the rest

I could rest in that.  I could rest in the beauty of the spring treasure that He had given me to remind me to remain humble in my humanity.  I could rest in the truth that God in His Heaven loves, cares, and provides for His creation.  I started to drive away.  I still had those errands to do.  I still knew that I had no control over what would happen with Christopher's holes, but I KNEW Who did.  I could definitely rest in that!

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can pray like this:

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