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Friday, August 16, 2013

The assignment

The IV pain medication was doing its job, so Christopher was able to do his job...REST!  The doctor wanted his GI tract to rest too, so Christopher wasn't aloud to eat or drink anything for 24 hours.  In between naps Christopher watched television and kept up on all the latest on his I-phone.  The rest of the evening and over night hours were quiet and uneventful.

I stretched out on the pull out bed in Christopher's hospital room.  It certainly didn't compare to my bed at home, but it did allow me to get flat and horizontal.  I had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.  Even when I did doze off for a bit, I'd soon find myself waking up to see if it was light outside yet.  From my vantage point on the make-shift bed, I could see underneath the curtains.  For some reason I kept waking up to see if I could see the daylight peeking in from behind them. 

Sunrise in the city

The fact that the hospital was awake and bustling all night long also made it difficult to sleep. The nurses were vigilant around the clock making sure Christopher was comfortable and cared for.  They were diligent in checking his vitals, assessing his pain, and keeping a very close eye on his surgical sites.  Fortunately, the well managed pain medication allowed Christopher to sleep soundly through all the late night bed checks.

Hospital cafeteria
I, on the other hand, did not fare so well.  When I finally spied daybreak, I decided to give up all hope of dreamland.  In order to clear my still sleepy and foggy mind, I needed coffee...LOTS OF COFFEE!  While the nurse fussed around Christopher's bedside, I made my way down the elevator and through the halls to the cafeteria.  The smell of coffee and toast told me that I was nearly there.  The long line at the cash register told me that apparently I wasn't the only one in need of caffeinated clarity.  I took my place at the end of the line.  I didn't mind.  I had nothing but time...lots of time.

A lesson in patience
After ordering breakfast and coffee, I made my way to the second line to wait for my food.  That's when it happened...right there in the food line.  God showed me why it was critical for me to be standing at 6:00 a.m. in a food line with dozens of other hungry people waiting for cold eggs and bad coffee. 

He was probably in his late sixties.  His white lab coat and hospital badge were proof that this wasn't the first time he had stood in this line.  As the cafeteria lady called out numbers, we checked our receipts for a match.  After a few minutes with no luck, he finally asked me the question that focused both of our minds away from bacon and sausage and onto matters of much greater importance.  I could almost see it leave his lips and hang in the air..."So, what are you in here for?"

 God's grace through healing
What may have seem like mindless chit chat meant to pass away the time soon turned into a deep conversation about the merciful healing power of God.  I kept it short...at first.  After all, my brain was still full of sleepy cobwebs.  I told him that my son had to have surgery, and that he was recovering.  I thought that would be enough to satisfy him, but his curiosity got the best of him.  He wanted to know why he had to have surgery.  He wanted to know how he was doing, and if the nurses were taking good care of him.  I gave him the basic facts and waited for my number to be called, but that's when his questions really started ramping up.  It was clear that he wasn't going to let this go.  He sensed a miracle, and he wanted to know all about it...EVERY DETAIL.

My soul smiled as I realized that God had brought me to this place at this time to give hope to this man.  For the next hour or so we discussed digestive disorders, feeding tubes, and miracles.  I saw his eyes moisten as he listened to the details of how the Holy Spirit came over my son and healed him.  I witnessed his soul respond as he absorbed the proof of God's love made manifest through His healing power.  It became abundantly clear that God was using one miracle to give life to another miracle in the heart of this man.

Even though my breakfast and coffee were now beyond cold, I left the cafeteria filled with joy and walking on air.  I could hardly wait to tell Christopher about the assignment God had given me, however, I was met with nothing but irritation when I reappeared in Christopher's room.  I was brought right back to earth when he immediately demanded to know why I had been gone SO long.  He pointed out that I had said I wouldn't be gone very long, and he reminded me that he didn't like to be left alone. 

I apologized.  I felt terrible.  Then I tried to tame his disappointment by telling him about the assignment God had given me.  I explained that my trip to the cafeteria wasn't just about coffee.  I had been on a mission of hope.  I told him about the long lines, the man "who just had to know," and the new miracle of hope that God had just done right there before my eyes smack dab in the middle of the cafeteria.

Christopher's irritation left him.  It was suddenly clear to both of us that God had done a miracle in Christopher for very specific reasons.  His timing, plans, and methods were perfect.  Nothing was left undone.  God even used Christopher's surgery and hospital stay to accomplish His plans.  Christopher and the man in the cafeteria were both touched by God that day.  Now they would both be healed.

 If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can pray like this:

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