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Friday, August 16, 2013

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Home sweet home
"Home sweet home" takes on a whole new meaning after your home away from home has been a sleepless night in a hospital bed.  Home seems even sweeter.  Home is what's right.  It's what's familiar.  It's what's safe.  There are no doctors and nurses rushing about.  There are no machines constantly beeping for attention, no middle of the night incision checks.  Home is family.  Home is love.  Home is just common, familiar, everyday life.

Home is where we both wanted to be.  Unfortunately, there would be a detour.  We had to stop at the drugstore in order to get Christopher's prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics.  Usually, the hospital provides you with enough to get you through that first night, but since we had been discharged so late into the evening the hospital pharmacy had long since closed. 

Luckily, there was a 24 hour drugstore on our way home with a handy dandy drive-up window.  I passed the prescriptions through the mechanical receptacle that reached out to retrieve the written drug requests.  The late night pharmacist told us it would take about 15 minutes before the prescriptions were ready.  We pulled into a parking spot to wait.  More waiting was not what we were up for.  We both felt home beckoning.  It seemed like the digital clock in the car had a vendetta against us.  Has it been 15 minutes YET?!

After what seemed like an eternity, I pulled back around to the drive-up window to fetch the long awaited and well earned pharmaceutical prize.  I could tell by the irritated look on the pharmacist's face that there was a problem.  When the mechanical receptacle reached out this time it was only holding ONE of the prescriptions, the antibiotic.  Now I looked up at the pharmacist with an irritated look of my own.  Where was the other medication?  Were they out of stock?  The answer was not one I wanted to hear.  Apparently, the doctor had forgotten to SIGN the prescription!  How could this happen?  We needed this pain medication NOW!   It was almost time for Christopher to take it again.  It couldn't wait until tomorrow.  What were we going to do?  Did they expect me to go back to the hospital and hunt that doctor down because I was just in the mood to do it?!  Honestly, why do things like this always happen to us?  What were the odds?

The pharmacist explained that she had put a call into the hospital, and that she had no idea how long it would take to get a response (you know how time moves in the hospital)...a few minutes, a few hours?  It was hard to say.  She said we could wait or we could just come back tomorrow.  Even though option #1 seemed to have an endless, prolonged feel to it, option #2 was completely out.  This couldn't wait until tomorrow, and so we would have to wait...AGAIN!

I looked around.  My mind started thinking of ways to distract ourselves while we waited.  Of course, my brain went immediately to food.  When the taste buds are busy, it makes the boredom of waiting a little easier.  The only problem was that it was late.  Most places were already closed for the night, and besides Christopher didn't feel much like getting out of the car.  Then I saw it, a late-night drive-thru.  It was just the perfect sort of distraction that we needed.  It was food that was fast, somewhat tasty, and available from the comfort of the car. 

Late night food fix!
Christopher and I passed the rest of the time away crunching tacos and slurping sodas.  We were both so tired and hungry by that point that the food actually tasted better than usual.  As we ate, we both kept watching the digital clock tick the minutes away.  After our appetites were satisfied and all the wrappers were back in the bag, we decided to take a chance that the pharmacist and the doctor had made a connection.

By now my car knew the way back around to the pharmacy drive-up window all on its own.  As we rounded the corner to the window, we crossed our fingers that this would be the last time.  It just had to be!  Surely, this mess had been straightened out by now.  My waistline was counting on it because I wasn't opposed to solving this problem with a little vanilla ice cream if I had to.

Love that pharmaceutical humor!
The pharmacist was smiling with relief and holding a bottle of pills triumphantly in the air.  She put them in the little white bag and passed them through to us.  Victory!  Okay, NOW we could go home.  Christopher swallowed one of the pain pills with the last of his soda as we headed the car towards home.

We would both sleep in the comfort of our own beds tonight.  As I crawled into mine, my husband was there waiting for me.  The first question he asked me was, "What took you so long?" 

My face reflected the sarcasm of my words, "The usual!" I said.

 If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can pray like this:

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