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Friday, August 16, 2013

Interview with Christopher Part- 3

Colossians 1:16 For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible...everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him.

My interview with Christopher continues...

LeAnne:  When you woke up the morning of April 26th, you knew it was the day that you were going to get your feeding tubes out.  What was that like?  What were you feeling and thinking?  Were you excited, nervous? 

Christopher:  When I woke up, all I could think about was that the day had finally come.  Today was the day.  I was really excited to get them out, but I wasn't nervous at all.  I had invited a couple of friends to come with me, and I was really happy that they were able to come to the appointment.  My friends, Dennis and Riley, got permission from their parents to leave school early and come to the doctor's offiice with me.

LeAnne:   Instead of having the surgeon do it, you wanted to remove the tubes yourself.  Why did you want to do that?  Why was it so important to you?

Christopher:  I wanted to do it myself.  When you take the tubes out, it will hurt if you don't do it just right.  I have been taking the feeding tubes in and out for years, whenever they needed to be replaced.  I know how to do it, so that it won't hurt.  I didn't want anyone else to touch them.  The doctor doesn't know my feeding tubes like I do, so I just wanted to do it myself.

LeAnne:  What was your reaction when they were out?  It must have been such an incredible moment for you!

Christopher:  All I could think was that it looked kind of weird, and it felt so strange.  My feeding tubes had been there all my life, but now they were out!

LeAnne:  It has been a few days since your feeding tubes were removed.  How is it going now that your feeding tubes are out?  Are you getting used to the way it feels?  Does it still feel strange?

Christopher:  It was strange at first, but I am getting used to the way it feels.  The first day the G-tube leaked really bad when I ate, but that only lasted one day.  By the next morning it was closed up on the inside.  It is closing more every day.  The J-tube has been more of a problem.  It never leaked as much as the G-tube did, but it is taking longer to heal up.  The leaking is getting less and less every day.

LeAnne:  Obviously, getting your feeding tubes out has been an answer to prayer.  I know you were very excited about getting them out, but has it been what you expected?  Have you had any problems? 

Christopher:  I was very excited to get them out, but there have been a few problems.  We knew they would leak.  The G-tube leaked a lot the first day, so I was surprised that it was healed up enough by the next morning to not leak at all anymore.  The J-tube is leaking less everyday, but the stuff that comes out is really hard on my skin.  It just tears it up.  Over the weekend it got really red, and it hurt a lot.  Then we got some stuff to put on it (Calmoseptine) that we used to use a long time ago when I would get leaks around my feeding tubes.  As soon as I saw it and smelled it, I remembered using it.  It makes it feel really cool when you put it on, and it protects the skin.  I put it on the J-tube hole Saturday, and by Sunday it was a lot better.  The J-tube is just leaking little drops now.  It is getting better.  In a couple of days it should be healed up.  I will be glad when they are all healed up.

LeAnne:  How long did the doctor say that it would take for the holes to completely close up?  Do you have any restrictions, things you can't do until your holes close up?

Christopher:  He said it would take about 3 weeks.  I can take a shower, but I can't take a bath.  He said no swimming or hot tubs until they are completely healed.  Other than that I just have to take care of them until they heal up.


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