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Friday, August 16, 2013

No limits

The doctor puts a small, screaming bundle in your arms, and you are instantly in love.  You've known your child for only mere seconds, and yet you would be willing to step in front of a speeding freight train or even take a bullet in order to save the life of this infant.  The love you have for your child is so deep that the focus of your entire universe becomes centered on caring for and loving this child. 

Then you find out that you are expecting another child, child number two.  The thought may cross your mind...will I love child number two as much as I love child number one?  Will I have enough love to go around?  When the doctor puts child number two in your arms, the answer becomes crystal clear.  Love is infinite.  You are instantly in love (again), and still willing to take that same bullet if need be.  Our capacity for love has no limits.  It is not only deep, but it is wide.

Faith is like that too.   Just when you think that you are filled to the top, just when you think that your faith is so strong that it might just very well burst out of you, something happens to increase your faith.  Faith grows with time, experience, and nurturing.  It has no limits, and it is a life long pursuit.  Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. 

When God blessed Christopher with a healing miracle, I felt filled to the top with faith, so much so, that it felt like my soul could very well float.  It was an incredible, all-consuming feeling.  My heart was over flowing with indescribable amounts of joy, and it felt like my soul was actually smiling.  It was a kind of happiness and fulfillment that I had never felt before, but God soon showed me that faith is not only deep, but wide.

My doorbell rang yesterday.  It was a courier who had come to pick up Christopher's feeding pump.  I had been expecting him because a few days earlier I had contacted the medical supply company to let them know that Christopher no longer needed his feeding pump, and that we wanted to return it.  I answered the door and signed the paperwork.  As I handed the feeding pump to the driver, I suddenly felt my soul stretch.  The act of handing that feeding pump over tweaked my soul.  It was a confirmation of God's power.  It was a concrete reminder of the gift God had given us, and I felt my soul respond with an increase in faith.

I was similarly effected when I answered the phone yesterday.  It was the nutritionist from the medical supply company on the other end of the line.  She was calling about Christopher's yearly checkup.  He has been on outpatient status with the medical supply company since he first began having to be tube fed.  Outpatient status necessitated a yearly appointment with the nutritionist in order to make sure that Christopher's nutritional needs were being met. 

She told me that she had heard "through the grapevine" that Christopher had been healed and no longer needed tube feeding.  She wanted to know if it was true.  I explained God's miracle healing to her.  I told her that Christopher had been completely healed, and that his feeding tubes had been removed.  I think her soul must have been tweaked too because she wanted to know more.  I answered all her questions and directed her to my blog for the complete story.  She ended the conversation by saying that obviously Christopher didn't need his yearly appointment, and that he was officially discharged as an outpatient. 

As I hung up the phone, there it was again.  I felt the stirring of my soul, and I felt my faith increase.  Those words, "Christopher was officially discharged as an outpatient", were words that I had never expected to hear.  My faith in God increased in response.  Love grows.  Faith grows.  It's all part of God's plan.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can pray like this:

More tomorrow... 

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